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    In the exhibition, read the trend of home textile reform - from the Chinese international textile exhibition to see the economic inflection point of home textile

    Keywords:In the exhibition, home textile reform trend, home textile economic turning point

    The exhibition industry is a barometer of the latest developments, represents the development of the industry, the textile industry is no exception. Recently, Yang Zhaohua, China's home textile industry association, said in an interview with reporters, China International Textile Exhibition has passed its glorious 20 years, in which 20 years, home textile exhibition not only for many exhibitors to build a product display, marketing, trade development platform, but also witnessed China's home textile industry reform and opening up the process, as well as home textile economic reform process.
    Go to the scene, see the trend of brand trend
    According to the latest economic data show that in the first quarter of this year, China's home textile industry is running overall stable, industry profit maintained a good growth, growth quality and overall efficiency are improved, especially in the case of industry output value growth is gradually slowing, benefit growth is still increasing, reflecting the development of the industry is changing. National Bureau of statistics of home textile industry more than 1942 enterprises realized the main business income of more than 8.7% yuan, an increase of 14.2%, the total profit of the total amount of more than two billion yuan, an increase of 3.1, the growth rate increased percentage points over the previous year. At the same time, according to customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year, China's home textile products exports 8 billion 400 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 4.4%.
    Through the analysis of the first quarter data, we can see that in the domestic area, the overall situation of domestic economic stability has not changed, home textile products as a daily consumer goods, demand is relatively stable. In the international area, the major developed economies are still in the recovery phase, coupled with the recent introduction of the State Council to accelerate the expansion of export tax rebates, promote export promotion and other stable export measures, as well as the real effective exchange rate depreciation of the stimulus, the future export growth or rebound. In addition, from the major brands have just ended the winter new orders will be "record", this year, the textile industry will usher in a "warm winter". In such an economic situation, is about to be held in Shanghai in August 27th, the twentieth China International Textile Exhibition coincides with the time, its arrival will undoubtedly open the new era of China's home textile industry, new home textiles, new life.
    Over the past 20 years, China's international home textile exhibition has always been in the forefront of the home textile industry, which is advocated by the end of innovation, product innovation and other ideas have been affecting the home textile brand. As Asia's largest home textile professional platform, the organizers have been committed to creating an upward force with the enterprise. Here, visitors can feel the unique charm of the textile industry, dealers can hand coveted brand cooperation, enterprises can win the booming wealth win-win business opportunities. It can be said that today's China international home textile exhibition has become the best stage for domestic and foreign enterprises to show the strength and the most reputation of the industry event.
    Each session of the exhibition, the organizers are dedicated to invite a number of domestic and foreign traders, buyers, agents. Nearly 140 thousand square meters of exhibition area, from dozens of countries and regions, more than one thousand exhibitors and professional buyers, more than 40 thousand of the hundreds of professional media reporters gathered here, to witness the development of the industry, China textile market prosperity. With many years of experience in organizing exhibitions, China international textile exhibition provides an important trading platform for textile enterprises, and Anna, Menglan Carolina, Jinling, mercury, people light, Shakespeare shark, Lan Siyu, violet, kasen...... One of the industry strength of the brand, the land gradually embarked on the stage of the domestic and foreign trade.
    At the same time, along with the vigorous development of the home textile industry, China's home textile cluster rapid growth, the regional brand is becoming mature. In this year's China international textile exhibition, Haining, Yuhang, Tongxiang, Shaoxing, Huzhou, Nantong, Binzhou, Pujiang, Xiqiao, Gao Yang, Yang Xunqiao, Xiaoshan and other textile clusters will have to form heavy attack, to demonstrate the enterprise cluster, brand image. Moreover, the number and size of the number and size of enterprises participating in this year, and the area, compared with last year, a substantial increase. Haining Xu village last year, there are 143 home textile enterprises, this year will reach more than 170, will occupy 2.5 Pavilion location, although the booth area has increased a lot, but it is still difficult to meet the growing number of exhibitors, Yuhang area has more than 160 exhibitors exhibitors, the exhibition area of about square meters, an increase of more than last year, Xiqiao will show more than 10 business curtain fabric and other hot products. The enthusiasm of the enterprises in the cluster has also confirmed the brand appeal of China's international home textile exhibition.
    In addition, with the growing market in China, the international importance of the growing, more and more overseas companies also hope to find new business opportunities here. Therefore, China international home textile exhibition is increasingly favored by the international exhibitors. Recalling the nineteenth home textile exhibition, from Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, India and other countries and regions of the world's leading companies in the 3 day of the exhibition, for the exhibitors to interpret the characteristics of exotic products, but also through a strong platform for home textile exhibition, to find their new opportunities in the Chinese market.
    In promoting business cooperation, China International Textile Exhibition has spared no effort, every year in the reform: investment promotion, investment scope, investment cooperation and investment services to the times, to fully integrate the use of good exhibition resources, and constantly make the exhibition upgrade to meet the requirements of the exhibitors.
    Now, for the strength of the company, a well-known textile enterprises, the purpose of the exhibition is no longer simply stay in the display and delivery

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