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    Send force in our province industrial textiles

    Keywords:Send force in our province industrial textiles

    The Texas-textile industry is no longer just a spinning, weaving for cold out and decoration cloth, can even "weave" out of artificial organs, blood vessels. February 28,, in Texas at the textile industry of the whole province at work, industry insiders describe modern textile industry development prospects, let "old cotton factory are" have a new hope, the new BenTou.

    Shandong textile industry association XiaZhiLin reporters, in our province in the future will be in pay special attention to the clothing and home textile two traditional industrial chain at the same time, more outstanding development of industrial textiles this key, in order to optimize the structure, promote mention mass efficiency, make our province textile industry new economic growth point.

    In fact, industrial textiles have infiltrated into people produce the little drops of life. The shopping bag from the spacecraft, from the wet towel to artificial blood vessels, industrial textiles are widely used in industry, agriculture and animal husbandry fishery, civil engineering, construction, transportation, health care, environmental protection, and other fields, become us to live "everyday without notice" one part.

    At present, the industrial textiles by large textile industry has become a new growth pole of the stronger, become the key of textile industry change the rising sun industry. According to statistics, in 2000 the national industrial textiles fiber processing 1.738 million tons of total amount only, in 2010 to 8.218 million tons, expected in 2020 will break 18 million tons.

    Industrial textiles in our province is in the development stage of rise, development space and potential is very great, have sprung up some typical enterprise and products, and developed to a certain scale. Dezhou LingXian with macro economic group and national geosynthetic materials quality test center of the technical advantage, committed to the construction of the new industry cluster. The county now has geosynthetic materials production enterprise of 156, involving the varieties of geosynthetic materials by more than 90%, is the biggest soil with textile material base.

    Meeting, industrial textiles across textile and new material is the strategic new industry, to focus on the development of not be moved. To giving priority to the development of the high-tech special fiber, and actively developing green environmental protection biomass fiber and encourage development of functional differentiation fiber, strengthen the basic research of the new material, promote industrial textiles from manufacturing to the transformation of manufacturing services.

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