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    Textile industry five years to complete the 828 standard system revision

    Keywords:Textile industry, 828 standard system revision

    December 9th, 2015 national textile standards and measurement work conference held in Beijing, from the national textile standardization advanced workers and advanced business representatives attended the meeting.
    Ministry of industry and information technology, deputy director of the Ministry of science and technology Han Jun in the speech affirmed the achievements of the field of standardization work in the textile field. He said that the standard chemical and cumbersome, heavy responsibility, the standard of the textile industry in China's Textile Industry Association, whether it is the basis of material, the underlying design, industrial manufacturing, or international standards of the transformation have done more fully, at ease.
    Chinese Textile Industry Association vice president Sun Ruizhe pointed out that the "Twelfth Five Year" since the textile standardization work to promote the quality and efficiency of industrial upgrading, meet consumer demand for textile products growing demand as the starting point, to the revision of the standard as the center, to optimize the construction and working mechanism and technology organizations to support, in the standard system construction, promote international standardization standard Publicizing implementation has made great progress. Five years, the entire industry to complete the 828 standard system revision work.
    "Twelve five" period, the new set up a number of sub Technical Committee, the industry standardization technical institutions of 28, nearly 2000 standardization experts were appointed as members, formed a wide coverage, representative strong, professional and technical team, the standardization of technical institutions actively participate in international standardization work, the standard international standard conversion rate of 77.68%; each enterprise to participate in the work of the initiative to undertake national and industry standards, and even international standard work, its standardization work ability and level.
    The overall industry standardization work 45 period requirements, Sun Ruizhe pointed out that "45" is the sprint stage construction of our country's textile power, textile standardization work is confronted with the dual task of supporting the quality and efficiency of industrial upgrading and deepening their reform. The standardization work to fit the needs of industrial development oriented, in order to ensure consumer safety for the bottom line, to build a unified service market, accelerate the reform, establish the standard system to adapt to the market, system coordination, international standards, and gradually form a government led the development of standards and market standards coordination, coordination system and standard the management system, to provide important technical support for the textile and textile "45" power construction.
    The general assembly of the "Twelfth Five Year" textile standards and measurement work of advanced collectives, advanced individual and outstanding papers were commended.

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