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    China to achieve the big textile country to textile power changes

    Keywords:Textile big country, textile power, change

    As a traditional pillar industry in China, the textile industry has played a very important role in the development of China's modernization construction. China's textile industry under the joint leadership of China's economic development, the rapid development of China's textile and garment industry to create the most important demand and the most fundamental driving force.
    In the past half a century, the textile industry in China is not only a traditional industry, but also an advantage industry, and made a great contribution to the national economy. In recent years, the development of high-tech industry and the adjustment of the national economic structure, especially the reform of state-owned enterprises, so that the textile industry is faced with the problems, such as the restructuring of enterprises, labor productivity is low, the device's outdated and technological backwardness, and so on. However, the textile industry is still a big industry and plays an important role in the whole economic structure.
    The textile industry is a highly competitive and international trade, and also a labor intensive and a comparative advantage of the traditional pillar industries, the profits and taxes, export, employment, to meet the needs of people's material and cultural needs, promote economic growth, maintain social stability and other aspects have made outstanding contributions. In the process of realizing industrialization and third strategic objectives, the textile industry is still very important to expand employment, solve the problems of agriculture, rural areas, and maintain the national economy fast and coordinated development, and construct a harmonious society.
    However, in the background of international economic integration, globalization and textile industry entering the post quota era, textile industry is facing many problems to be solved. We are a big country, but not a strong country, the industry is weak, yet to establish a comprehensive sustainable development concept; the industry is still in the extensive mode of growth, resource waste is serious; industrial layout and industrial structure is irrational, environmental management system is not perfect, environmental pollution is serious, technical equipment is backward, the government, industry associations and business management is not in place, these are seriously restricting China's textile industry.
    Textile and garment industry should play a greater role in the national economy, realize the "big country" to "textile power", we must change the mode of growth, establish scientific development concept, make the development of textile industry and China's economic growth, environmental protection, resource capacity and social development. Therefore, it is of great importance to study the reform and innovation of the textile industry.
    Since 1990s, the mainstream development of world textile and garment industry is the science and technology play a prime role. Now China's textile industry has entered the era of China's "wisdom", to re create brilliant, it is urgent to implement the strategy of science and technology, and cultivate new heights of textile industry. Through technological innovation, structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, brand building and industry norms to solve the problems of the textile and garment industry, improve the status of the industry and the international competitiveness is imperative. In the future, we should increase the investment in science and technology innovation and promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry to ensure its sustainable and healthy development. Textile and garment enterprises in the transformation and upgrading, cross-border cooperation, pattern innovation has become a trend, the textile industry transformation and upgrading to combine the relevant national strategy, the national strategy, regional development planning and industry regional adjustment closely linked, coordinated development. At present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution and the formation of the historical intersection of China's transformation of economic development mode, the international division of labor pattern is reshaping. Thirteen five period of textile and garment industry is still an important source of economic Chinese. In the face of new changes in the external situation, the textile and garment industry has entered a new normal. As a textile and clothing people we want to unite all the strength that can be united, dare to play, take the initiative as, on hard work. We should see that the current industry is in a critical period of deepening reform, to tackle tough, climbing on the ridge, the opportunities and challenges, risks and responsibilities. We must seize this historic opportunity, in accordance with the "four overall" strategic layout, practice the three three real strict implementation strategy of textile and garment industry power, strengthen overall planning and forward-looking deployment, strive to three through ten years of efforts, the new Chinese was founded in one hundred years, to build China into a world leading innovation the development of textile and garment power, strive for the early realization of the dream China.

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