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    The domestic textile industrial robot growth?

    Keywords:The domestic textile machinery, industrial robots, geometric growth

    Since this year, the industrial technology exhibition held across the country, the robot has attracted many eyes. For example, in June the seventeenth session held in Shanghai international textile industry exhibition, Cixing company showed "Aquarius" sweater automatic. Suture system using robot automatic operation, has aroused great interest of the audience.
    With the domestic labor costs continue to rise, the development of the textile industry and other labor-intensive industries in the traditional industries, the need to find a way to continue the development of the road. The application of industrial robots will undoubtedly reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and quality, and provide a new possibility for small batch production and production by the traditional mass production to meet the needs of customers.
    Robot instead of manual has become a big trend
    The industrial robot industry quickly became popular, mainly due to the traditional manufacturing industry has large labor intensity, labor recruitment difficult problems of higher cost, and the information industry, new requirements of labor posts fine because it is difficult to recruit people. Traditional manufacturing and emerging industries thus have a huge market demand for industrial robots, with industrial robots instead of manual will be the major trend of the development of China's manufacturing industry. At the same time, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and other information technology companies to target the market opportunities, the layout of the field of robot research and development, the robotics industry and big data, networking, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology integration and development, become a part of the intelligent service platform.
    Industrial robot is a mechanical, electronic, control, computers, sensors, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology in one of the advanced manufacturing industry important intelligent equipment. According to the analysis of the application of industrial robot world industrialization in developed countries, large-scale application of robots instead of manual areas are divided into three kinds: one is the accuracy of the higher requirements of the industry, the robot can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the defective rate; two is the work environment harmful and poor working environment, large labor intensity industries on the health of workers that robot can replace the manual to complete duplication and great strength of working dog health, is three; the higher labor cost, the use of robots can reduce labor costs. Industrial robots in many areas of production use practice to prove that it is in the improvement of production automation level, improve labor productivity, improve product quality and economic benefits, improve labor conditions and other aspects of the role plays an irreplaceable role.
    Over the past 5 years, the domestic robot sales growth rate reached 28%. The rapid increase of domestic robot application, also shows that the production system in China is undergoing a transformation and upgrading process, from a single species of large quantities of rigid automation to many varieties of small quantities of flexible automation, multi variety variable volume integrated automation direction.
    Robot applications have industry foundation
    Despite the rapid growth of China's industrial robot application level is still relatively low. In the domestic application of industrial robots, automobile manufacturing industry is the first attempt and popularization. The standard industrial assembly line is stable, which is suitable for the automatic operation of the robot. With the development of technology, the learning ability of industrial robot is also enhanced, and it can also save the cost of the enterprise to some extent.
    At present, the application of industrial robot in the textile production has already had a certain foundation. Cotton textile production has many processes, continuous characteristics, professional division of labor and professional cooperation degree is higher. Over the years, the cotton industry to improve the equipment automation and intelligence in the process, to achieve continuous and automatic production process between different. The automatic winding system is the most widely used cotton industry and most effective technology, is a successful application of coordination of human and robot assembling unit production system. At the same time, the cotton industry in different processes, for the automatic volume cylinder, doffer, cleaning, self leveling, information monitoring, waste cotton processing automatic packing and air conditioning automatic control and other aspects, focused on enhancing the quality and control cost, improve labor productivity, the application of automation, intelligent technology. For example, Tongling pine, intelligent doffer doffing robot Bao Machinery Co. Ltd. and other enterprises in recent years developed, can completely replace the traditional manual pull plug, bobbin work, realize the doffing process automation, greatly reduces the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, reduce the production cost.
    On the basis of digital and automatic production line, the automatic connection of the production process and the integration of the intelligent logistics system are the promotion of the chemical fiber production. Beijing machinery industry automation research institute cooperation, construction and implementation of chemical fiber production intelligent logistics system. The system is mainly composed of robots, chain conveyor, turntable, lifts and other equipment, in addition to achieve the cake from the drop tube, transportation, storage, packaging, inspection and classification to fully automated stacking, but also intelligent recognition of products, each spindle winding transmission in the inspection of packaging process all through the recognition of 3D code accurate and high efficiency.
    In the field of garment CAD/CAM system, application field of Hefei Aorui Numerical Control Technology Co. Ltd. products related to clothing, bags, toys, footwear, Home Furnishing, Jushi, advertising, packaging and other eight industries, have "clothing master", "master bags" and "feather master", "Adams mitt" and "graph king", "cloth the king", "Auri-tech", "cool shot.

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