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Name:Model YG032Q Air pressure Bursting Strength Tester

Keywords:Air pressure Bursting Strength Tester Bursting Strength Tester


Standards:  GB/T 7742 ISO 13938.1、FZ/T 60019、FZ/T 01030、ASTM D3786、BS 4768、WOOLMARK TM 29、

WSP 30.1、JIS L 1018.6.17

  1. The air pressure method conforms to the new national standard.
  2. Pneumatic clamping, clamping uniform, and can adjust the fixture pressure; avoid sample slippage or damage, easy to use.
  3. The test cover is high transparent organic glass, built in LED lamp illumination, can clearly observe the experimental process of the sample. It is a magnet pull in installation, replacement, easy disassembly.
  4. Automatic induction blasting system is sensitive and reliable.
  5. With plexiglass cover, to prevent wounding, more safe to use.
  6. AC servo drive system, synchronous belt drive, the instrument has low noise, wide speed range and high precision
  7. With high speed AD and processor, the sampling frequency is high and the testing precision is high
  8. The only domestic: constant speed burst, constant pressure, fixed expansion, timing four test methods
  9. The printer is equipped with a thermal printer, which can print reports directly and support online work with professional computer software.

1、Measuring range:1.2 MPa ;

2、Pressure accuracy:≤0.2%FS;

3、Height accuracy of expansion:≤0.2%FS;

4、Test area:7.3 cm2(Φ30.5mm)、10 cm2(Φ35.7mm)、50cm2(Φ79.8mm)

100 cm2(Φ3112.8mm)

5、Maximum expansion:70

6、Pressure unit: kPa、kg/cm2、bar、lb/in2

7、Working power supply:AC20V 50Hz 200W

8、Outline size:600×400×530mm


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