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Name:SF-1 Pressure Difference Method Moisture Meter

Keywords:Pressure Difference Method Moisture Meter

SF-1 differential pressure method of trace moisture analyzer Main features: After drying polyester chips, nylon 6 particles and other trace moisture, a direct impact on the quality of spinning. At present, for the determination of trace water is the main pressure method, electrolysis, Karl Fischer method, etc., with the pressure method to determine fast, accurate, convenient, low cost, the instrument price is moderate, especially for factory enterprises.


SF-1 differential pressure method of trace moisture analyzer, mainly used in chemical fiber, plastic industry, polyester chips and nylon 6 particles in the melt spinning before the dry treatment of trace moisture determination of the development of the instrument, To solve the current laboratory, to prepare their own components to build their own assembly of the trouble, and in the structure of the advantages of imported machines, played the company's research strengths, to ensure the accuracy of water measurement, easy to use.


Applicable standards: ISO 6188-1980 "Determination of water content of plastic-polyethylene terephthalate granules"; DIN EN ISO 960-1998 "Plastics. Polyamide (PA). Determination of water content"; GB / T 12006.2 -1989 "Determination of water content of polyamide".


Instrument composition: mainly by the pressure method glass instrument, heater, automatic on the lift device, temperature controller, vacuum gauge, vacuum pump and other components, and has been equipped with sodium molybdate reagent, vacuum grease.


The main technical parameters:
1. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 300 ℃
2. Temperature fluctuation: ± 2.0 ℃
3. Vacuum degree: ≤ 40pa
4. Measuring range: 5-3000ppm (corresponding to the amount of sample 3 ~ 0.5g, the maximum amount of sample to about 10g)
5. Power supply: AC220v 2A

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