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Name:Model Y571B Tester for Color Fastness to Rubbing

Keywords:Tester for Color Fastness to Rubbing,Textile Instrument,Textile Testing Instrument

Used for the rubbing color fastness test of colored cotton, chemical fiber, blending textiles, leather and other materials.
Standards:GB3920 GB5712 GB420

Main Technical Data

Reciprocating travel: 100mm
Reciprocating rubbing speed: 60Times/min
Rubbing finger pressure: 9N
Reciprocating times: 10 times Automatic stop
Rubbing head size: Circular diameter: φ16mm
Rectangular:19×25mm (each one)
External dimensions: 760×270×240mm(L×W×H)
Weight: 20kg
Power source: AC220V  50Hz  40W
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