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Name:YG201B Wet-type Multi-purpose Yarn Measuring Instr

Keywords:Wet-type Multi-purpose Yarn Measuring Instr,Textile Instrument,Textile Testing Instrument

 This instrument is a fast measuring wet instrument, equipped with four different types of measuring humidity probe, measure a variety of cheese yarn, strand yarn, cotton sliver, cotton fabric and raw cotton textile materials such as the moisture regain.

Main Technical Data

Regain range: Cotton Yarn 3.0~12.0%
Blended yarn 3.0~8.2%
Viscose Yarn Line 7.0~17.0%
Wet test error ±0.1~±0.3%
Measuring range: 0~50℃
Temperature error: ±0.5℃
Environmental conditions: Temperature:20±5℃ Humidity:Not more than 80%RH
Power source: AC220V±10% 50Hz
External dimension: 400×300×200mm(L×W×H)
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