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Name:YG171D-type Yarn Hairiness Tester

Keywords:Yarn Hairiness Tester,Textile Instrument,Textile Testing Instrument

 This instrument was used to determine indicators of yarn hairiness special instrument, in line with the textile industry in 2000 promulgated a new standard: Yarn hairiness determination - Projection counting FZ/TO1089-2000. The instrument uses light, mechanical, electrical integration, design, set the length of hairiness, high precision, Yarn yarn stability of walking stable, the computer auto-detection, correction, display and statistics, hairiness test data stability, and Taiwan, a small difference.

Main Technical Data

1. Detection of hairiness length: A simultaneous determination of the length of hairiness, the number of hairiness 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 mm 6. The number of consecutive test:1-99(Arbitrary)
2. Hairiness length settings Precision:≤0.1mm 7. Data output mode:LCD screen display and EPSON LQ series printers print records
3. Hairiness Resolution:≤0.5mm 8. Statistics:Hairiness index on average, the overall uneven rate, mean square deviation, yarn tube uneven rate and the histogram
4. Test speed:30m/min±5%
5. Yarn Testing Fragment Length:1~99m(Arbitrary) 9. Outline size(Engine):500×450×310mm
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