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Name:YG191Series Intelligent Yarn Evenness Meter

Keywords:Series Intelligent Yarn Evenness Meter,Textile Instrument,Textile Testing Instrument

 Used for testing the sliver, roving and spun yarn’s evenness and the structure of evenness. It’s suitable to silver, roving and spun yarn made of cotton, wool, synthetic fiber, just and blending.

 Uses the advanced computer control technology, the testing software is easy to operation, and have good operation contact surface.

 Using advanced sensor checks and measure electro circuit in domestic, the examination signal is more precise and more stable.

 The hauling organization users the double drive type, the sample does not slip. The great size roller causes the rotational speed to be lower, owning special shock-absorbing and steadier driver; the roller can open, close, extend and draw back automatically, and may change the direction to work for the purpose to reduce the wear and tear caused by yarn, extend the life-span roller.

 The spectrum chart may show the &#118alue of wave length, the uneven curve contract and enlargement freely.

Main Technical Data

Model: YG191X-I YG191X-II YG191X-III YG191
Test slot: Sliver slot 2 1 1
Roving slot 1 1 1
Spun yarn slot 2 2 2
Measurement range of yarn number: 4tex~20Ktex 0.16~20(Ktex)
Test times of each: 1~30 (times) (adjustable) 1~24 (times) (adjustable)
Sample test speed: 4、8、25、50、100、200、400m/min 8、25、50mm/min
Sample test time: 0.5、1、2.5、5、7.5、10、20、30min 1、2.5、5、7.5、10min
Power source: AC220V 500W
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